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AC-DC Series



AC-AC Series



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LEEER-4BLInstruction Manual

  • 1. Thank you for purchasing Mini UPS LEEER-4B(L). Please read carefully the instruction manual before use.

  • 2. The mini UPS adopts environmentally harmless, large capacity lithium-ion batteries which have the characteristic of Light Weight, Small Volume and Long Endurance. It can guarantee more than 500 times of charge- discharge.

  • 3. Installation: Connect the mini UPS to the power socket, at this time, the battery will automatically charge whether the switch is on or off. When the product is in use or on standby, the switch should be on.

  • 4. Please use mini UPS within the allowed maximum voltage and power range. Suggestion: The mini UPS performs best when the load power is less than 60% of the rated power.

  • 5. The mini UPS must be fully charged before use.

  • 6. When the battery reaches the safe capacity, the mini UPS will automatically shut down and enter protected mode; it must be charged before the next use.

  • 7. Use mini UPS according to the parameters of this manual, and enjoy one- year warranty.

  • 8. The mini UPS is set as automatic intelligent charging the charging will stop automatically when it reaches the maximum capacity of the battery. When the battery capacity is insufficient, the charging will start automatically.

  • 9. The mini UPS is only suitable for indoor use, it cannot be used in damp places and places with temperature over 45.

  • 10Do not open the rear cover, as this may result in life-threatening high-voltage electric shock.

  • 11. The mini UPS is designed as broad width adaptive voltage.

  • 12. Two channel AC output.

  • 13. The mini UPS is equipped with surge protection, high voltage protection, overload protection and the function of automatic stop when fully charged.

  • 14. Buzzer and indicator light can be removed according to customers request it has no impact on the overall performance.

  • 15.The min UPS has two types: fixed type and mobile type. Please specify when ordering

  • 16.The corresponding batteries of each model are as follows:

Technical Parameter



Rated Power

Max 150W


Rated Voltage

65-265 VAC


47-65 Hz


Optional Voltage (battery is under inverter power supply)


Frequency (battery is under inverter power supply)

50/60 Hz 1Hz

Handover Delay

8ms 2ms


Rated Voltage and Capacity

14.8V Nominal Voltage 3.4AH        

Charging Time  Switch off

3.5 hours          

Battery Life

Depending on the load power

Battery Type

Lithium Battery


Battery Low Voltage Cut-off



Automatic restart on AC recovery

Overload Protection

Build- in thermal overload protection

High Voltage Protection

Build- in pressure sensitive device protection

Low Voltage Protection

Build- in low voltage automatic detection

Lighting Protection

Build- in surge protection circuit

Product Dimension (mm*mm*mm)


Product Weight


Working Temperature

-18 to 45

Working Humidity

10% to 95%

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