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AC-DC Series



AC-AC Series



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      AC-DC Mini UPS-LEEER-4D(H)


Instruction of Leeer-4D(H)


Product Name: AC-DC Mini UPS
Product Code: Leeer-4D(H)


Product Feature£º

1.First movable mini reserve DC power supply in the world.
2.It could be taken to anywhere after full-charged, it does not

 need AC start-up but only turn on the switch.
3.DC power output.
4.Specially designed for small devices that require DC power.
5.Suitable for power supply of the equipment that needs DC power

 supply  when traveling (tourism, camping, outdoor communication

 equipment, portable electrical appliances, etc.)
6.This product choose environment friendly large capacity lithium-ion

 battery which has the characteristic of light weight, small size and

 long battery life. It can be guaranteed to charge and discharge more

 than 500 times.
7.Installation: Connect the mini UPS to the power socket, the battery

 will be charged automatically regardless of whether the switch is

 on or off. But be sure to turn on the switch when using or on

8.This product is set to be automatic intelligent charging. When the

 charging reaches the maximum capacity of the battery, the charging

 stops automatically. When the battery capacity is insufficient, the

 charging  will start automatically.
9.This mini UPS is only suitable for indoor use. It cannot be used

 in places with humidity and over 95 degrees.

Product Description£º
1.When using commercial power, the switch can be used to control

 output or do not output DC power.
2.Use soft start technology when used in moving state, which better

 protect the load from current impact.
3.Wide input voltage£¨65-265V£©
4.Environment friendly lithium ion battery
5.No minimum load limitation
6.With buzzer and light alarm (could be canceled or equipped)
7.Battery low voltage protection
8.Power supply high voltage protection
9.Load and overload protection
10.Output short circuit protection
11.Lightning protection design
12.Surge protection
13.Fault automatic shutdown design
14.Two AC outlet outputs. When the commercial power is available,

 it can be connected to the commercial power at the same time

Technical parameter:



Rated power (W)

60 (short- time 70)W


Rated voltage

AC 65-265 v




Rated voltage

DC 12V ¡À2%



Switching time

less than 10 millisecond

Output control

Manual and automatic are optional

Manual output delay

Start less than 0.5 seconds


Battery voltage

Nominal voltage 14.8V                      

Battery capacity


Charge time

7 H (Switch is off)

Standby support time

Over 60mins (under the maximum load)


lithium ion battery


Battery  protection

low-voltage 11.0V(¡À0.5V)


AC activation or manual activation

Surge protection

Interior surge protection

High voltage protection

Interior high voltage protection

Low voltage protection

Interior low voltage protection

Lightning protection

Prevention of lightning

Size (mm*mm*mm)


Net weight


Working environment temperature

-18¡æ to 45¡æ

Working environment humidity

Below 95%





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