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AC-DC Series



AC-AC Series



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      AC-DC Mini UPS-LEEER-4D

Instruction of Leeer-4D

Product Name: AC-DC Mini UPS
Product Code: Leeer-4D


The worlds first portable mini standby DC power supply.

It could be taken to anywhere after recharging; once switch on, it may immediately provide DC power without startup by the AC power.

This DC UPS is specially designed for the small scale equipment powered by DC.

Applicable to the outdoor power supply for the equipment powered by DC(such as mobile phone recharging, portable appliance etc. during traveling or camping).


Product Descriptions:

User(s) may choose to/not to use the DC UPS supply via the switch when utility power is available;

During mobile use, recommend to adopt soft-startup to better protect load from current impact;

Wide input voltage65-265V;

Environment-friendly batteries (Ni-MH) are adopted;

Free from minimum load limitation;

Audio and visual alarm (optional);

Battery low voltage protection;

Battery high voltage protection;

Overload protection;

Output short circuit protection;

Lightning protection;

Surge protection;

Fault-triggered auto shutdown;

Two lines of AC socket output; simultaneously switch to the utility power if it is available.


Use Instructions:

1. For the first use, the DC UPS should be fully recharged; switch off and continuous charging for 10 hours with connecting AC power supply.

2. Take the portable Mini DC UPS to the required places, connect to the load appliance and switch on to initiate the mode of mobile power supply.

3. This DC UPS can also be used as the fixed power supply device.

4. In case of flat battery, Mini DC UPS shall auto shut down to initiate the protection mode; please make sure to get battery recharged again before use.

5. During use, the rated power shall not be exceeded.

6. The ideal load is supposed to be resistive. With inductive and capacitive load, please take caution during use to avoid unexpected consequences.

7. The protection mode is initiated due to overload or erroneous operation.

 Note: upon request by the client, the buzzer and indication lamps may be cancelled, which doesnt impose any impact on the performance.


                                   Technical Parameter:



Rated Watts(W)

60 (limit 70)


Nominal Voltage





Nominal Voltage

DC 12V 2%



Transfer Time


Output Control

manual or automatic option

Manually  power turn-on 

1 second  Delay


Nominal Voltage/ Capacity


(depend on the wattage of MINI UPS )

Charge Time 

10 hours (with the unit switched off)

12-15 hours (with the unit switched on)

Backup Time

20 minutes (depend on the level of load)


Ni-Cd or Ni-MH(select according to

the wattage of MINI UPS)


Low Voltage Protection  of Battery



Restore via activation of AC

Surge Protection

Built-in surge protection

High-voltage Protection

Built-in high-voltage protection

Low-voltage Protection

Built-in low-voltage protection

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection

Size (mm*mm*mm)


Net Weight

1.314 kg

Operating Temperature

-18 to 45

Operating Relative Humidity

10% to 95%

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