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     Mobile Mini UPS  LEEER-4M

Instruction of Leeer-4M
Product Name£ºMobile Mini UPS
Product Code£ºLeeer-4M

¡ñ World¡¯s first movable mini UPS
¡ñ Supply power at anytime and anyplace with switch ON
¡ñ Design for outside emergency (travel, camp, mobile phone charge, portable appliances, etc)
Work without AC power start-up
Lightest and smallest among the similar products
Soft starting against current rush
Extended input voltage range
Optional output voltage
Environment friendly Ni-MH battery
No limitation of minimum load wattage
LED and buzzer indicator (Optional)
Low/High-voltage protection
Overload protection
Output circle shortcut protection
Lighting protection
Build-in surge protection
Automatic shutdown when failure
With the function of ordinary UPS
Operation instruction:
1 This unit must be fully charged before the first use. Connected to AC power socket for 10 hours with switch OFF, it will be charged automatically.
2 Bring the unit to the site and connect it with load device. Press the ON/OFF button to supply power or shutdown.
3 Also can be used as an ordinary UPS.
4 If the battery power is used up during a power shortage, the unit will turn off automatically to enter into a mode of protection, please recharge it before next use.
5 Pay attention to the maximum level of voltage and wattage. Do not exceed the suggested Maximum which could result in serious implications. The unit performs most safely when the load wattage is below 60% of Rated Watts.
6 Resistive load is preferred. Please lower the load wattage when it¡¯s capacitive or inductive.

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