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   Time Mini UPS-LEEER-4T

Instruction of Leeer-4T
Product Name: Time Mini UPS
Product Code: Leeer-4T

Worlds first Mini UPS with individual backup time
Supply power for a fixed period of time and then turn off automatically
Design for devices to select their own time off (such as electronic game, slot machine, auto shutdown after backup devices , regular alarm system, etc)

Set up a certain backup time according to requirement (for example 5, 20, 100, 300); the timing precision can be 1%.
Optional control AC power output with ON/OFF button
Lightest and smallest among the similar products
No limitation of minimum load wattage
Extended input voltage range
Optional output voltage
Environment friendly Ni-MH battery
LED and buzzer indicator (Optional)
Low/High-voltage protection
Overload protection
Output circle shortcut protection
Lighting protection
Build-in surge protection
Automatic shutdown when system failure
* Available choice - Combine with the function of Leeer-4M (Mobile Mini UPS)

Operation instruction:
1 This unit must be fully charged before the first use. Connected with an AC power       socket for 10hours with the switch OFF, it will be charged automatically.
2 After charged, please install the unit between an AC power stock and your devise with switch ON. The green LED indicates the Mini UPS is standby.
3 Once the AC power is cut off, the unit will support your devise to work for the certain time as fixed, and then shutdown automatically.
4 If AC power is restored during the backup time, the unit will turn into standby.
5 When the battery power is used up (even before the fixed turn-off time), the unit will turn off into a mode of protection, please recharge it before the next use.
6 Please use this unit within suggested maximum level of voltage and wattage. The unit performs most safely when the load wattage is below 60% of Rated Watts.
7 Resistive load is preferred. Please lower the load wattage when its capacitive or inductive

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